Hot Corners on MAC – use them for quick actions

If you’ve explored the long list of available customization’s, chances are that you may have encountered Hot Corners on MAC as well.

Hot Corners are the corner spaces of your screen. When your mouse hovers on these corners, the action defined by you gets triggered.

Hot Corners could be used for actions such as showing desktop, launching screensaver, putting display to sleep, viewing notifications etc.

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Below I’ll try to answer questions such as ‘How do I turn on Hot Corners on MAC’, ‘What can I do with Hot Corners’, ‘How do I turn off Hot Corners’:

How do I turn on Hot Corners on MAC:

Hot Corners are already turned on by default. To make them work, you just need to define a trigger action.

How do I access Hot Corners on MAC

1. Open System Preferences > Mission Control

Hot Corners on MAC

Hot Corners on MAC

2. Open Hot Corners by clicking the ‘Hot Corners…‘ button on the bottom left.

Hot Corners on MAC

What can I do with Hot Corners on MAC:

These are the possible actions for every corner of the screen.

Hot Corners on MAC

My favorites from this list are ‘Desktop‘ – this shows the Desktop, ‘Notification Center‘ – displays the notifications, ‘Start Screen Saver‘ – triggers the screensaver and ‘Put Display to Sleep‘ – turns of screen display.

Here’s how I set it up:

Hot Corners on MAC

How do I turn off Hot Corners on MAC:

If you need to turn off Hot Corners on MAC, simply revert the settings to the default.

To do this, choose from the drop down. See below:

Hot Corners on MAC

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