Top 3 free, temporary email services

Doesn’t it feeling annoying when you visit a website for a piece of information and there’s a pop up asking you to sign up? I bet  you do. This happens all the time – when you want to checkout the price of an item, see a user review or when you want to watch a video/image!

These popups asking you to sign up are one of the most annoying things on the Internet, but there’s a way around it.

Most of us have heard about temporary email or disposable email address.

These are also referred to as fake email, temp mail, or even 10minutemail.

The number one reason for the popularity of these throwaway email services is the fact that they allow us to prevent spam. These website that collect your email address before allowing access to content have only one motive – to spam you.

A temporary email address serves well by allowing you to access restricted content, without worrying about spam.

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Top 3 temporary email services

1. Guerrilla Mail

temporary email

I know most of you didn’t expect this. I’ve used Guerrilla Mail along with other services, but this one certainly ranks first.

Here’s why:

Choice of domain:

Allows you to choose from a list of domains.

temporary email

Choice of email address:

Not only can you choose your own domain, but you can also choose your own email address:

temporary email

Compose an email:

Most temporary email service providers do not allow this. I know a temporary email address is only to receive an email, but sometimes there could be a need to send an email from an address that is not yours. In such a situation you’d have to create one. Guerrillamail works fantastic here:

temporary email

2. Mailinator

Mailinator is another simple, yet fantastic temporary email service. Just choose an email address and get started.

temporary email

temporary email

3. 10 Minute Mail

Just like the name sounds, you get an email address that’s valid only for 10 minutes.

temporary email

The service from 10 Minute Mail does not allow you to change the email address or domain. Also you can’t compose an email.

Even if you close the browser window and re-open the website, you’ll still get the same email address :D. The only way to get a new one is to open a new private or incognito window, or may be clear your cookies.

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