Make passwords a thing of the past with Roboform

What’s the one problem that’s common to all computer users? Would you agree if I said – the trouble of remembering so many passwords, would you agree? I bet you would.

These days everything requires a login – email accounts, bank accounts, investment accounts, social networking websites, user forums, shopping websites, classifieds and so much more. This list could just go on. While logins are great in a way that it helps secure your online data, there’s one thing that’s not good about them – we have to remember them all!

And with different websites having different password policies (like certain websites restrict the special characters that can be used in a password), it makes the task even more difficult.

One common and highly insecure solution to this problem is to have the same password across everything. While it makes your task of remembering the password easy, it also creates a single point of failure. If any one website on which you have an account gets compromised, you’re in for a nightmare.

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The best and most secure answer to this is to use a password manager, also known as login manager. Password managers aren’t new. In fact a quick search reveals that over 18000 people search online for the best password manager.



There’s quite a few password managers available. After reading a few reviews, I decided to get RoboForm. Having used it for a while, I think I made a great choice. I thought RoboForm was just a password manager, but there’s so much more to it. Here’s my review of RoboForm.

Roboform Logo


  • Password Manager
  • Identities
  • Form Filler
  • Safenotes
  • Password Generator


Installation is simple just like any other software.

Additionally specify a master password for your account. This is the password that secures all your data on Roboform, choose a good one.

Roboform automatically gets integrated into your web browser. On Mac, it supports Firefox, Chrome and Safari. On Windows, it supports Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Opera.


  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • iOS and Android

How to use Roboform

1. Password Manager

Once installed and activated, Roboform waits on your browser for you to login to a website.

When you login, Roboform pops up – you can choose to have Roboform remember your password or ignore it.



You can choose to have your own name for the saved login, and also save it in a folder of your choice.

Once your login is saved, the task becomes really simple. You don’t even have to load the login page anymore – Roboform does that. Just click on the saved login, it opens the login page, enters the password and logs you in.



2. Identities

Roboform has this cool feature called Identities. Identities allow you to save your details, the one’s that you’d typically fill out while making a purchase or signing up for a website etc – like your name, address, phone number, email address etc.


I think this feature is really cool isn’t it? Filling out those extensive, repetitive forms really gets on your head sometimes.

It also has an option to define custom fields – these are useful if you have data specific to your country/region that needs to be filled out.


Once you’re done saving, the next time Roboform will quickly fill out those long sign-up forms for you.

3. Safenotes

Think of these as sticky notes that are password protected. Take notes about anything without having to worry about security. Good examples to use Safenotes – phone numbers, to-do’s, important dates etc.


4. Password Generator

Use the generator feature of Roboform to instantly generate a password based on your conditions



It’s one license for all your devices – your laptop, tablet, mobile phone or USB drive. Save your password on one device, and all of them get updated.

Have you tried Roboform yet?

If you’ve not used Roboform before, why not give it a shot?

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