Fortigate sflow configuration

Fortigate sflow configuration

In this post I’ll talk about Fortigate sflow configuration.

sFlow is a sampling technology developed by HP for network monitoring.

By sampling packets at regular intervals, sFlow helps you to identify traffic patterns and network problems.

Read more about sFlow here:


1. Enable sFlow agent on the interface

config system interface
edit “port1”
set sflow-sampler enable
set sample-rate 256
set sample-direction both
set polling-interval 60

sFlow is disabled by default, enable it using the command set sflow-sampler enable.
Sampling gets enabled for both directions by default, you can also set it to tx or rx.

2. Configure sFlow on the firewall

config system sflow
set collector-ip
set collector-port 2055


3. Configure sFlow on a VDOM

config system vdom-sflow
set vdom-sflow enable
set collector-ip
set collector-port 2055

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