Clientless SSL VPN

Here’s the topology for Clientless SSL VPN configuration (click to zoom):

Clientless SSL VPN

1. Clientless SSL VPN is to be configured on the Cisco ASA.
2. The ASA has been configured with two zones, Inside and Outside
3. On the Inside, there’s a router (CERTVIDEOS-CA) that is configured as a CA. The ASA uses the certificate issued by the CA for the VPN. You can also use self-signed certificates for VPN and video shows that as well.
4. The inside host ( is configured as a web server and also as FTP server.
5. The web server is accessible by all, however to access the FTP files, the user has to connect via SSL VPN.

The Complete Cisco VPN Configuration Guide is a great configuration guide to learn about VPNs on Cisco ASA.

Download running configuration of all devices

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